About myself

My work has been driven by the desire to bridge the boundaries between craft, art and object design. I investigate the possibilities of structure as it pertains to functional and aesthetically based objects, exploring furniture and home ware design and construction. Underlying my creative practice is the development of new forms through sculptural experimentation with a focus on the manufactured object for commercial use. Both new and traditional methods are explored, alongside the use of materials and objects normally found outside of traditional craft and design arenas. I present unexpected uses of the handmade alongside their potential for commercial application.

My ongoing research into the uniqueness of the New Zealand aesthetic is focused on both early Polynesian and Colonial designs. My current research is focusing on the ceremony of everyday activities and objects of ritual value. Of special interest is the development of small functional objects that speak to our ever-growing food culture including industrial/agricultural rituals associated with food manufacture and consumption. I explore ethnographic readings of objects used in contemporary ceremony and the ways they relate to memory and experience.  I explore ways to build on the profile of New Zealand design and to broaden the New Zealand design vernacular through proactive involvement in the art and design community. This research involves building collaborations to support up-and-coming artists and designers and showcasing design history and contemporary innovation through exhibition, curation and education.

I have a recent background in studio design furniture with retailer representations and a history of successful national and international design exhibitions. More recently my attention has focused on curating object design and art exhibitions in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

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