RedOrange Design

RedOrange Design  was established in 2006 by Roger Kelly.

After moving to the Hawke’s Bay from Christchurch to establish a workshop design practice within Cicada Studios, RedOrange Design Ltd was created to respond to the increasing interest from the interior design retail sector. Initially experimental furniture designs were exhibited in galleries and trade shows throughout New Zealand to find a potential market for my work. At the Furniture and Fashion show in Auckland stockists approached the larger group of designers at Cicada Studios, Our first retail floor show took place at The Urban Lounge in Mt Maunganui and RedOrange Design was born.

Working out of the old Whakatu freezing works in Hawkes Bay for five years a number of furniture designs were created for largely a commission and retail clientele. My particular interest at this time was exploring designs to fit our predominantly coastal living lifestyle with furniture that would fit into smaller places. On a trip to Melbourne to visit design and architecture  schools in 2005 I was drawn to the multitudes of apartments being built in Melbourne and considered this concept.

During this time I continually designed and made new works for exhibition often exploring architectural vernacular and materials designed for other uses. In 2009  Cicada Studios was disbanded and work refocused onto education. RogerKelly Design has now been established to explore a broader range of objects and projects.

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