the Talisman Project

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Talisman is a collaborative art and design installation between Roger Kelly and Mia Straka

Talisman exhibition is due to open at Object Space in Auckland on May 4th 2014

We see this collaboration as an opportunity to share and develop new skills and techniques in the creation of a new body of work. This work changes the scale of our work subverting both jewellery and furniture’s conventional relationship with the body to transcend the boundaries of craft and design.  This investigation will inform our future individual practices as well as contributing to discussions in craft and design relating to function, value and meaning. The direct participation of the audience within the exhibition offers a solution to issues of object art display within a gallery setting as well as invigorating audiences with an innovative experience and encouraging new visitors to the gallery.

This project is to develop, create and present works that extend the concept of our respective mediums; jewellery and furniture design, examining the object’s relationship to the body without the usual constraints of function, wearability and display.

As makers that deal with items that are used and worn by the body, it is an exciting prospect for us to work around the usual parameters of our mediums. The exhibition is an investigation into the way in which people interact with objects and how this can create an experience of value and meaning. The viewer will create an individual experience of the work depending on their level of interaction with it. There will be no barriers, real or imagined, between the objects and themselves in the gallery space.

The forms will be large scale sculptural works designed to draw the participant into a journey linking the unconscious to the conscious, the interior world to the exterior and the spiritual to the physical. There are three main parts to the exhibition, the window space, the main gallery and the vault. Each of these three areas represents a part of the human psyche. This alludes to the ‘Holy Trinity’ of mind, body and spirit or three levels of consciousness: subconscious, conscious reality and higher consciousness. Ideas of duality including protection, restriction and openness: the public and private, internal and external all inform the work.  The whole space is to be involved in an integrated manner, to work like an organism in which the audience is catalyst in a transformative journey.

Workbook pages – concepts through to design developments

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Model development

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